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Welcome, my name is Emmanuel Roberto Richiardone, this is my place on the web.

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Covid time: home control deviceWed, 4 Aug 21
See my new project done during last winter: a home control device with local touchscreen, HTTP remote control, analog and digital IO. Based on Raspberry Pi, Debian, and custom eletronics.
Website get back!Mon, 7 Jun 21
Website online again; was down since OVH Strasbourg datacenter fire.
Aprire documenti firmati .p7m da Linux con opensslMon, 11 Jan 21
E' possibile utilizzare semplicemente openssl (in genere gia' presente in tutti gli ambienti GNU/Linux) per aprire i file certificati p7m. Per ottenere il file originale dal p7m basta scrivere nella command line:
openssl smime -decrypt -verify -inform DER -in $p7m_file -noverify -out $out_file
ovviamente al posto di $p7m_file occorre inserire il nome del file .p7m, mentre al posto di $out_file va messo il nome del documento da ottenere.

Tratto da:
FreeBSD vs GNU/LinuxMon, 13 Apr 20
Some high level points about why still choose FreeBSD in a server environment in 2020:
(things had not changed too much).
DJ0WH blogTue, 7 Apr 20
Very nice blog about MotoTRBO tips from Motorola EMEA support:
Multilingual text to speech from googleFri, 7 Feb 14
Use the text to speech software from Google Translate. Only one voice but multilingual and very easy. Simply past in the browser this example:"Curse of the Pharaohs"
Change "en" as preferred language ("it", "fr", "es", ...) and text to be read. Voice is promptly downloaded as MP3 file.
"Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure"Thu, 13 Jun 13
Interesting article of Philippe Agrain entitled "Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure"
WiFi e locali pubblici in ItaliaSat, 16 Feb 13
Un interessante articolo su una domanda ufficiale del FIPE sulla liberalizzazione della connessione WiFi gratuita nei locali pubblici. In pratica i proprietari dei locali non sarebbero responsabili.
Remotely PHP archive extractTue, 15 Jan 13
This thing has just saved my life, the world should know: to extract an archive from a remote web server without ssh access but only a web and php interface, you can use: kickstart!.
Very useful for kickstart a web server from a zip file.
ToSFri, 24 Aug 12
When you register to a website you don't really read the Term of Services?
A really cool project, ToS;DR, helps everyone to immediately know about the use of you personal data and content. It's a collaborating project, so apply!

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